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Designer's Desk


I have been working internationally as a digital media artist, designer and producer for over 20 years. I am based in Cambridge UK and have lectured, exhibited, performed and produced shows in Sydney, Brussels, London, San Jose, Dar Es Salaam, Stockholm, Bergen, London and across the UK....

Since the pandemic started I have worked mainly on Interior and Graphic Design, Marketing for Social Media, Business Consultation and where restrictions have allowed, Creative Event Production.


I started my career exploring the intersection between art and science and worked in numerous University departments and Institutions as Artist in Residence including The Cambridge University Department of Physics, The Sedgwick Museum, The University of Cardiff Department of Earth Sciences and The British Antarctic Survey.  Each residency used a combination of Graphic design and digital media to address the visual communication of our world through art and science.

My graphic design work is woven throughout my career as an artist and concentrates on creative brand design, event marketing and graphic design for the entertainment and leisure industry. I have worked with clients on a local national and international level to develop branding, website design and adverts for press in print and digital formats.  I also offer marketing consultation services specialising in social media. and content creation.

I have worked extensively as a community Artist working with young offenders, disabled young people, children from lower-income areas and the elderly on art workshops using digital media, graphic design, film and photography.

In 2008 I began working as a Creative Agent (Producer) for Creative Partnerships, working with primary and secondary schools across Essex to champion child-led learning and bring specialists in to schools in order to create mantle-of-the-expert style learning environments. Specialists included DJ’s, VJ’s, Architects, Film-Makers, Theatre Practitioners, Dancers and Biologists.

In 2010 I started my own Events Company and show, Neon Moon,  specialising in Cabaret, Circus and Variety  with the aim of creating magical immersive events that include interactive performance art, alternative art forms such as tattooing and body art, photography and film. For three years we had a residency at the beautiful stately home Anstey Hall where we inhabited every ornate room. We have since toured the UK.  

In 2016 Neon Moon was funded by the Arts Council for our first UK touring show exploring wearable lighting in costumes and props and interactive video projection.  The show launched at the Cambridge Junction.

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